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Some might have heard me mention that I have a Sonic and Tails stained glass window in my bedroom. I don’t think a lot of people believe me, or think that when I say window, i mean suncatcher or something? But nope, guys, I have a full sized window of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Prower.

My brother’s hobby used to be glassworking. He used to do stained glass, and sandblast etching. We have lamps and etched mirrors and stuff… and he also did the stained glass windows for the Bramalea Rangers Supporters Club.

He made this for my 9th birthday. I used to be a giant Sonic dork, back when Sonic was pretty much limited to the Sega Genesis/Game Gear (when I was 9, it was…. 1994 lol). Sonic 2 is still one of my favourite games ever. C:

PS: this is a crappy photo.

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  1. lanii said: I’m doing a project on modern stained glass in private spaces rght now, Meg. THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. oh my god.
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